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Camping in Hunington & Raystown Pennsylvania

Greenwood Furnace
Huntingdon, PA (814) 667-1800

Happy Trails 
Hesston, PA (814) 658-6901

Hemlock Hideaway
Entriken, PA (814) 658-3663

Huntingdon Co. Fairgrounds
Huntingdon, PA (814) 643-2274

Lake Raystown Resort
(814) 658-3500

Newburg Campgrounds
Broad Top, PA (814) 448-3725

Pleasant Hills Resort
Hesston, PA (814) 658-3986

Raystown Lake Seven Points 
includes Susquehannock & Nancy’s camp
Hesston, PA (814) 658-3405

Trough Creek State Park
Entriken, PA (814) 658-3847

Warrior Ridge Campground
Huntingdon, PA (814) 643-0268

Woodland Camping Resort
Hesston, PA (814) 658-3017

Woy Bridge Campground
Bedford, PA (814) 623-1821


David Gardner is an Associate Broker with Apex Realty Group in Hunington County, PA.  David is an experienced real estate agent who represents clients in the sale or purchase of residential, commercial, and investment properties.  He also provides services for the seasonal vacation rental communities of Raystown County.  Contact David today for more information.