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The Winter Real Estate Market in Huntingdon County

The Winter Real Estate Market in Huntingdon County

This winter has been a relatively warm winter other than a few cold days here and there. This has helped the local Real Estate market in Central Pennsylvania stay warm. The lower interest rate has helped keep the marketing moving along with favorable pricing on homes in the area. 

Vacation properties have been selling as well. People like to acquire their vacation property before the new season starts. They figure if they buy in winter they have enough time to close on the property and have it ready for spring.

Properties tend not to sell as quickly when snow is on the ground. Most people prefer not to be in and out of a home when the outside ground is muddy and wet. Some tricks to help your home stay cleaner while moving are to lay down old carpets, boards, vinyl flooring or even a trap to cross over the mud.


David Gardner is an Associate Broker with Apex Realty Group in Hunington County, PA.  David is an experienced real estate agent who represents clients in the sale or purchase of residential, commercial, and investment properties.  He also provides services for the seasonal vacation rental communities of Raystown Country.  Contact David today for more information.