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We have an understanding of the customer of the future. Dwell360 & Real Estate

What are we doing different? 

This is a question that many have asked with reference to our new brokerage.  There is not just one answer to this question.  But, my favorite answer is –

We have an understanding of the customer of the future.  We know what they need today, what they will need tomorrow, and what they will require in the future. 

We have built a real estate brokerage, technology, and marketing that will be a pioneer in the growth of the real estate industry.  Each day more and more changes take place in the world and that has an everlasting effect on the real estate industry and customers.  Dwell360 will provide progressive solutions and education to an important industry.

Dwell360 is a residential real estate firm founded by REALTORS, Edward Johnston and John Lynch who have been accredited with substantial success in residential sales throughout the greater Boston region.  Dwell360 is based out of Boston and Newton Massachusetts.