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What is going on this month?

It has been a busy few months.  Ed and I have put under a very solid number of properties under agreement in the last month.  It has been exciting and the activity stills continues.  We have put listings under agreement and buyers have secured properties.  But, there is more work to be done.

As Ed posted the other day he took one client out to see 26 properties in three days.  A few days ago I took clients from the west coast out to see 32 properties in three days.  Then we have local buyers that have put in offers on properties and each time is dealing with multiple bid situations.  Then there are a few other buyers are just sitting waiting for something to visit.

In the markets we deal in (there are a few like, Newton, Brookline, Boston, Wellesley, Wayland, Waltham, Cambridge, & other great Massachusetts towns) there are plenty of people interested in purchasing a property, but the inventory is not great.  The homes that are in great condition with a price that presents a certain amount of value to the buyer are scooped up and at times in multiple bids situations.

What does that mean?

The buyers visit a lot of home.  They are learning about the market everyday and have been doing their homework.  After visiting dozens and dozens of homes they understand their price range better than some real estate agents.  Then when they walk into a well priced, great condition home, that has a great price it is gone. 

The buyer knows when there is something well priced.  Now, I mean well priced, not free, not being given away, a price that presents a fair value.  Buyers are ready and want to purchase a home.  They just are willing to wait for the place that works best for their life and their pocket book.

So for the people with those perfect homes that want to move you will stand out if you look great and are priced well.