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5 Home Apps Worthy of the iPhone 5

You can unleash the DIY powers of the iPhone 5 when it’s released soon with these handy home improvement apps.

Like most home owners who love their gadgets, we’re eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 5. To prepare, we’ve pinpointed 5 home apps we can’t wait to try on the new Apple toy. 

FYI, these downloadable tools will work on your current iPhone too. 


1. Take out the trash app

     Cost: Free

Time to clean house? Before tossing your old home and garden stuff, figure out what can be recycled.
This green-minded tool was created by, a non-profit organization responsible for generating the largest and most accurate recycling directory in the U.S. It provides access to over 1,500,000 ways to recycle over 300 materials. Plus, the app provides the nearest recycling and donation centers you can bring your junk to. As a bonus, iRecycle provides updates on the latest green news and upcycling craft ideas.


2. A magical measuring app

     Cost: Free

For some of us (like me), taking measurements in order to create floor plans is a huge chore. You need to move furniture, have a giant ruler thing-y, plus a pencil and pad. 

Well, say goodbye to all of that with this insanely smart app that measures your rooms and draws your floor plans just by taking pictures. FYI, we heard the measurements may not always be perfect, but hey -- this is a huge time saver.  


3. A great garden guide

     iGarden USA
     Cost: $4.99
This app has everything you need to know about growing fruit and vegetables outside and even inside your home. 

It provides you with the skinny on when to plant and gives you an estimate for harvesting based on your climate zone. Plus, this digital green thumb has the dirt on compatible and incompatible plants, and suggestions for battling garden pests. We like the handy feature that allows users to take and store notes for reference later. 


4. Get to know your stuff app

     Nest Egg
     Cost: $2.99
This home inventory app is not just for insurance purposes. Once you enter an item’s information via barcode, photo, or serial number, it becomes a snap to manage warranty and expiration dates, track stuff you borrow and lend, avoid making duplicate purchases, and more. 

We especially love the online price check feature that helps users get the finest deals out there for future purchases -- plus, when it’s time to reorder, you get a list of the best web prices.


5. An app that picks color perfect paint 

     Paint Tester Pro
     Cost: $1.99

Have you ever regretted a paint color you picked? Well, this simple app allows users to pick final interior colors with confidence if you follow their trick for getting the best results. 
Just tape a color sample to the wall you want to paint and take a photo. Using the app, open the image you took and add the color sample to your paint bucket. The app will paint the walls in your photo the same color as the swatch. 

Since the wall and paint sample were shot at the same time, you won’t have to guess how the color will look in a room’s lighting. The best part: You can even check multiple shades at the same time.

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