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Creating an Impressive Foyer

When your house is on the market, you'll likely try to have as many public viewings or open houses as possible. An open house is a pressure-free way for interested buyers to view your property and imagine themselves living in the space. An open house, however, is usually a very short event. Every single moment counts during an open house, and you need to be sure that your house impresses every step of the way. When you've perfected your home's curb appeal, the next step is to create an attractive and enticing foyer space. The foyer is the first part of your home's interior that interested buyers will view. While you don't need to knock down walls and spend a fortune creating a foyer that didn't exist before, you should spend some time evaluating the space you have and doing what you can to make it work.

Emphasize Large Spaces

If your foyer is large and impressive, emphasize the vastness of the space. A large central table with a towering and colorful centerpiece is a dramatic way to emphasize a large foyer. You may also consider a floor length mirror resting in a corner of your foyer. The mirror will extend the vertical space of your foyer and also give guests a vision of themselves physically walking into your home. Tall paintings and photographs, newly polished chandeliers, and other large decorative items will also emphasize a large space.

Turn Cramped into Charming

If your foyer is a little on the cramped size, use decorative elements to make the space feel charming rather than constrictive. A small antique sofa table pressed against the wall is a great place to display photographs and other décor without infringing on the available space. You can extend the perceived height of your foyer by adding wainscoting to the lower portion of the wall and painting the upper portion of the wall a contrasting color.

Make the Space Functional

Foyers are often perceived as transitional spaces, but you can add functionality to a foyer, too. A wall-length bench with storage and cushions is a great catch-all space for shoes, umbrellas, and coats. A line of shelving with hooks for coats and hats is also a great touch for your foyer.

Remember that the foyer is the first look at your home's interior. Stand at your front door and evaluate your foyer with a fresh perspective. If something looks off to you, the homeowner, the odds are good that an interested buyer will also notice the problem. 

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