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Make Your Home Picture Perfect For Sale

One of the biggest deterrents for buyers who are viewing your home is the presence of clutter inside your house. There are a few negative effects of clutter that can keep consumers from making an offer. First, clutter makes the rooms in your home appear smaller. Boxes piled up along the walls in your house create a smaller total floor area. The eye evaluates the size of the room from the ground up. If there isn't enough room to get around, your house will feel much smaller than it actually is.

Cluttered book shelves, walls filled with trinkets and tiny photographs, or desks and tables piled with knick-knacks can make a home feel disorganized and out of date. Remove as much clutter as possible to make your home feel light and fresh. If your house feels bland, add a few striking pieces of décor to each room. Don't overdo it with piecemeal, cluttered decorations.

The Benefits of Fresh Paint

A fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to update both the inside and outside of your home before placing it on the market. Choose light, fresh colors that correspond to current trends. Variations on taupe and gray are perfect for the interior of your home. On the outside, consider choosing a neutral main color and accenting it with another, bolder, color. This will help the home stand out while still keeping it in the tone of your neighborhood.

If In Doubt, Go Neutral

One common mistake that homeowners make when they put their houses on the market is failing to remove some of the more glaring personal touches that they have added to their home through the years. You may love the mural of Tuscany painted on your dining room wall or the bright orange hue featured in your guest bathroom, but these dramatic personal choices can make it difficult for interested buyers to visualize themselves living in your home. Your goal, as a seller, should be to remove as much of your own personality as possible from your home. Try to present a clean slate to interested buyers, and allow those who view your home to visualize their own tastes and preferences.

Selling a home can be a tough task, and many homeowners are easily frustrated with the seemingly endless home viewings, tours, and meetings. A few aesthetic changes, though, may be all that is needed to transform visitors from "passers" into eager buyers.

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