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Five Home Renovations That Will Help Sell Your Home

Popular home renovations will almost always bring you a higher selling price on your home. Therefore, it's very important that you do your due diligence when it comes to researching the upgrades that are best for your home. Learn which ones will bring you the biggest return on your investment and which ones will not.

1. Kitchen. A kitchen remodel will get a higher return on your investment than any other remodel item. Your kitchen upgrades could consist of a few quick fixes like resurfacing the countertops and cabinets, replacing the faucet or light fixtures, or you may want to consider a complete remodel. However, many experts recommend that you should not spend more than 10% of the value of your home on a kitchen renovation.

2. Bathroom.The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in any house, so a bathroom upgrade will bring you a good return on your investment as well. Consider making simple improvements such as replacing the toilet, upgrading the light fixtures, replacing the faucet, or installing a better ventilation system. And remember to keep your bathroom immaculate while your home is on the market – all buyers appreciate a clean bathroom!

3. Paint. Painting your house inside and out is one remodel item that is easy to do and will make a huge difference in the way buyers perceive your home. A fresh coat of paint will make your house feel clean, fresh, and well taken care of. It's best to stick with neutral colors so your home will appeal to a larger audience.

4. Curb Appeal.Remove all clutter and debris from around your house and flower beds. Plant some seasonal flowers and put down some fresh mulch. Have your trees and shrubs trimmed and manicured.  Keeping the outside of your home in neat and tidy will invite buyers to come in and see more.

5. The Forgotten Spaces.Cleaning out a cluttered garage, basement, or porch can go a long way toward helping buyers envision themselves in your home. Attend to these often forgotten spaces by tidying boxes into neat stacks, sweeping, and making small repairs.  It may also be a good time to replace a broken garage door, sagging porch screen, or cracked basement window. 

Every home is different, so these upgrades are not set in stone. Some homes might benefit from a larger renovation project such as replacing the windows, but for others it might be better to sell the home as is and leave those decisions to the buyer.  Talk to your REALTOR about which upgrades they recommend for your home, and have them completed before you put it on the market. 

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