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The Most and Least Expensive Housing Markets in the Country

Our local market is hot! 

CNBC published a report today ranking the most expensive and most affordable real estate markets in the country, and three of our local towns topped the list.  

Weston, Massachusetts ranks #9 with homes listing for an average of $1,229,000. Wellesley comes in at #16 with an average list price of $1,079,600. And at an average price of $912,745, Newton rounds out the top 25.

It should come as no surprise that California claims 13 of the top 25 slots, including all of the top 5. Malibu takes the cake, where the average home lists for $2,155,900.  

By contrast, just $63,729 can fetch an average home in Cleveland, Ohio, the most affordable place to buy in the country. The least expensive markets are mainly located in the Midwest, and as you might have guessed, New England is completely absent from the top 25. Click the link below to read the full results.

And America's top housing market is...


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