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Top Kitchen Renovations to Boost Property Value

Any sort of home renovation is a huge undertaking--especially if you are hoping to remain in your home during the updating process. Kitchen renovations are no exception to this, but when selling your home, a kitchen renovation might be worth the trouble. USA Today reports that an updated kitchen is one of the leading factors that home buyers consider, which means that a new kitchen can help speed up the sale process and even increase the value of your home.


There are a lot of improvements that you can make to your kitchen, but not all of them will increase your property value. When you are planning out your next renovation try thinking of ways you can capture that “wow” factor. This means going for eye-catching details and practicality improvements that will really stand out.

Kitchen Improvement for Higher Property Value

One of the best ways to maximize your renovation budget is to give your kitchen a simple “face lift” of sorts. This includes making changes to some of the most obvious aspects of your kitchen without changing the integrity of the room.  A face lift might include tasks like:

  • Painting the walls and the cabinets

  • Changing out the handles on the cabinets

  • Updating the pantry door

  • Replacing light fixtures

In some situations, making basic appliance upgrades can also pay off come time to sell. This sort of home improvement work is simple for anyone to do, giving you a chance to make some substantial changes to the way a room looks and feels with nothing more than a small budget and some free time.


If you are willing and able to hire a contractor to help renovate your kitchen, there are some additional upgrades you can make to your kitchen that can add some significant value to your home. Kitchen renovations worth considering include:

  • Cabinet, countertop, and/or backsplash replacement

  • Electrical and gas system updates

  • New flooring

  • Room expansion

These updates are a bit more time consuming, material heavy, and expensive. They also require a great deal of contracting know-how, which is why it is highly recommended that you hire a professional contractor when taking on larger renovations like these.


Before you invest in any kitchen renovation to boost your property value, do your research. Consider what potential value the project may add to your home and make sure you aren’t overspending. Your experienced real estate agent can be a great resource for gaining a fresh perspective on your kitchen. Making even small improvements to your kitchen can result in happy homebuyers, which can mean a better property sale experience.

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