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Which Home Renovations Are Homeowners Most Eager to Do?

When getting ready to sell a home, many homeowners look to upgrade the property to add value. But what home renovations are the most enjoyable to complete and add the most value? Here are a few to consider.

  • Added storage space, such as walk-in closets and built-ins: It always feels good to make the most of your home's space, such as adding large closets and built-in fixtures like bookcases for storage. In the case of a walk-in closet, creating a combination of storage and a dressing area, with lighting and lots of cabinet space, adds both aesthetic and financial value.

  • Separate laundry room: We all spend a lot of our time doing laundry; it's a good thing to have a dedicated, attractive, and organized room to do it in. Keeping the room up-to-date with the best appliances and making the most of the space with clever storage solutions will add the most value and make doing laundry a little more enjoyable.

  • Additional bedroom with its own bath: More bedrooms equal more value to your home, and a bedroom that allows its occupant to not have to share a bathroom adds even more appeal.

  • Casual dining spaces adjacent to or in kitchen: Eat-in kitchens mean not eating in the dining room every night. Adding a cozy area to share meals that's close to where the meals are cooked will make for great family dinners and conversation, appealing to potential buyers.

  • Family computing and work spaces: Many of us telecommute now. And even if we work in a traditional office most of the time, we often spend a lot of time working at home and doing recreational activities on the computer. A dedicated space to work and compute adds value and enjoyment to your home.

  • Upgraded kitchens and bathrooms: These rooms are the workhorses of the house and the places where we spend a lot of our time when at home. Adding amped-up features -- such as granite countertops and hardwood floors in the kitchen and ceramic tile and a soaker tub in the bathroom, for example -- not only adds financial value to your home, but allows both you and a potential buyer to enjoy these spaces more.

  • Outdoor living areas: Features like a deck, fire pit, pool, or gazebo mean you can extend your living area into the outdoor spaces surrounding your home -- making your home more valuable while providing more room to stretch out.


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