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Making the Move Easier on Kids and Pets

Many adults find buying a home to be exciting and stressful.  With the long checklists of tasks to accomplish, how to minimize the impact of the move on kids and pets may be way down on that list.  However, following a few helpful tips will ensure a successful move with them.

Moving with Kids

1. Tell your children about the move early in the process.  As soon as the decision has been finalized, conduct a family meeting to explain the what, when, where and why.  Include your own feelings, and encourage feedback. 

 2. Keep a positive attitude.  Often, children will mirror your attitude as per what they observe. Remaining enthusiastic and positive about the new adventure will help them look forward to their new home.

3.  Actively engage them in the process.  Your kids will be more apt to remain upbeat when they have an active role to play. Bring them along when looking at real estate.  They can pack their own toys and pick the color of their new room.  This will reinforce the message that they play a vital role in the family during times of transition. 

 4.  Explore your new neighborhood together.  Have them conduct some research on the Internet, or go biking together to find the best trails.

5.  Help them prepare to say their goodbyes.  This can be the most difficult aspect of a move for children.  Help them gather mailing addresses, emails or social media contacts depending upon their age.  A slumber party or farewell party before the move will help bring closure.

Moving with Pets 

 1.  Make an appointment with your vet.  Make sure their vaccinations are up-to-date, and ask for a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection/interstate health certificate for moves across state lines.

 2.  Update their collar tags and microchips with the new address, landline and cell phone numbers.  If Fido or Fluffy get lost, the finders will know how to contact you.

 3.  Prepare a safe spot to seclude your pets during moving day.  Pets know when the routine has changed, and an open door may give them a chance to escape the stress of boxes and moving furniture.

 4.  Plan for pet-friendly motels.  If your move involves one or more overnight stays, take some time to research motels that allow pets in the rooms. and can assist you with hotels that accommodate dogs, cats and birds.

 5.  Let your pets acclimate to their new home slowly.  Start with one room. Keep their food, water, favorite blankets or toys and litter box there with them.  As they settle in, you can introduce them to other rooms and the rest of the property.

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