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Get the Fenway Big League Lawn @ Home

I recently heard this on the radio and just found the site.  Scotts the grass seed and fertilizer company is providing the Fenway Park Grass Seed and Lawn Fertilizer.  If you can get your grass to look like Fenway Park that would be great.  Great to look at and great for your property value.

  • This is what Scotts says about their Fenway Park Fertilizer and Grass Seed
  • Contains the same Scotts® fertilizer technology and actual grass seed varieties used at Fenway Park™
  • Endorsed by the Director of Grounds of the Boston Red Sox™, David Mellor.
  • Premium fertilizer and grass seed blends for a lush, green lawn.
  • MLB Authentic Collection™
It is exciting that my fellow Red Sox fans can make their homes just like Fenway.  Your home's landscaping in tip top shape is well worth the investment.  Good luck.