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Landlord Plan

Why lease with a REALTOR®?

  • REALTORS® have industry tools, local resources, market insight, and a professional network to help you find the right tenant for your property.
  • REALTORS® can list your rental property in MLS, expanding your marketing and your pool of potential renters.
  • REALTORS® can assist you with appropriately pricing your property in the highly competitive rental market of metro Boston.
  • REALTORS® have knowledge about rental applications and experience with leases, so they can guide you through the myriad of required rental documents.
  • Often the tenant will pay the broker’s fee, so working with a REALTOR® might be of no additional cost to you!

As your REALTOR®, the Dwell360 team can manage every aspect of leasing your property, from marketing your rental online to the signing of the lease. Throughout this process, we will remain proactive to keep your transaction on track.



1. Find a Great Agent

The importance of working with a great real estate agent cannot be underestimated.  We can simplify the process of leasing your property because of our marketing expertise, skill during negotiations, and knowledge of how to keep transactions on track. It is important to establish a relationship with an agent who understands your needs and who you feel confident working with.  Dwell360’s REALTORS® always put our clients first.

2. Create a Marketing Plan

You and your agent will discuss how we should best market your rental property.  In order to attract the right tenants it is important to accurately represent your property, including details about amenities, access to transportation, and key lease terms.  Dwell360’s agents know that quality photographs of a clean and bright rental will help you to lease your property quickly and fetch top dollar!

3. Maximize Your Exposure

The internet is the most powerful tool for marketing real estate. Rather than just posting an ad online, Dwell360 ensures that your property gets maximum exposure by listing your property in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  MLS listings are syndicated to all of the major real estate websites online.  Additionally, the MLS is where most tenant’s agents will search for rentals for their clients.  The more exposure you have, the larger your pool of tenants!

4. Show Your Property

When planning to show your rental, your REALTOR® will work within your parameters and those of any current tenants.  You might wish to have your agent host an open house or show the property only as they receive requests.  We recommend that landlords do not attend showings, allowing tenants to relax and envision themselves living in the unit.

5. Be Concerned About Safety & Security

At Dwell360, we pre-screen all potential tenants prior to visiting your rental.  At open houses, we have visitors sign in and we keep a watchful eye. 

An agent who is attentive to the security of your property will deter a would-be thief.  Unfortunately, you also need to watch out for scams and faulty realty listings online.  There are people who might try to post your rental property for their own gain.  Be leery of suspicious contact and keep a watchful eye on your property. 

6. Rely on Your Trusted Advisor

Trust in a working relationship is the most important ingredient.  Throughout the process of renting your property, turn to your agent for honest feedback and advice.  Experienced real estate agents, like those at Dwell360, will be reliable and provide responsive service whenever you need it.

7. Screen Applicants

When applying to rent your property the prospective tenant and any roommates will be required to fill out a standard rental application.  Based on your application criteria, the tenant will likely need to supply proof of employment, proof of available funds, and a credit check.  The tenant is usually responsible for the credit check fee.  Your REALTOR® will ensure that each application is complete, check prospective tenants’ references, and handle all moneys.  Your REALTOR® will present you with all of the applications for your selection. 

8. Sign the Lease

Be sure to inform your agent of any specific items you would like included in the lease, so they can make sure they are clearly indicated in the lease or in an addendum.  At the lease signing, the tenant will be provided with a standard rental lease, lead law notification, and any additional provisions outlined by you.  You can also discuss any last minute concerns and arrange how and when the tenant can obtain the keys.  The tenant will also be required to furnish the remaining funds due, typically including the security deposit, last month's rent, and any other fees.  If you collect a security deposit, you will be required to open a separate account for those funds. 

9. Your REALTOR® is a Resource

Don’t forget that your REALTOR® can advise you on any further issues that might arise.  For example, sixty days prior to the lease expiring, we can contact the tenant for you and handle all lease renewal paperwork!  If the tenant is not renewing, we can list the property for rent again.  Keep in mind that when a tenant moves out, you must return their security deposit within 30 days, depending on the condition of the property.  Your Dwell360 REALTOR® is always available to you as a real estate expert!

Dwell360 is a boutique residential real estate firm based in Newton, Massachusetts, servicing the cities and suburbs of metro Boston. We have a unique approach to real estate that is customer centric and built on our extensive experience in the residential real estate market.  Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give us a call.