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14 Boston Spots to Get Your Ice Cream On

Looking for a place to satisfy your ice cream craving? Here are some of Dwell360's favorites (in no particular order):

  • Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream, Waltham: What started out as a self admitted mid life crisis by founder Nick Pappas turned into a supremely success business endeavor. Since 1995 this now multi-location shop has churned out scrumptious selections such as Colombian Fudge Avalanche, Orange Pineapple, and Black Cherry. Also available are various yogurts, sherbets, sorbets, sugar free and lite ice creams, tofutti, and even selections of the adult variety. Looking for a party? Lizzy’s is known for their Sundae Parties, with options to fit many needs. Have a party catered by Lizzy’s for complete service: set up, serving, and clean up. Delivered ice cream parties are DIY, use a Grab n’ Go kit for small groups, or pick up an ice cream cake! Need a location? Lizzy’s Waltham location has a function room complete with sundae bar. If you’ve got a hankering and are near Harvard Square, you’re in luck; Lizzy’s has another location available to scoop up some lickin’ good treats for every taste bud.
  • J.P. Licks, Jamaica Plain: When it opened in 1981 to twenty six year old Vince Petryk, no one could have imagined the success of J.P. Licks. Starting with ice cream, their menu has expanded to include hard and soft frozen yogurt, in house brewed coffee, ice cream cakes, and the famous Chipwich, a made to order ice cream sandwich. Among regular favors such as Brownie Brownie Batter, Peanut Butter Cookies n’ Cream, and Coconut Almond Chip, customers are also treated to rotating monthly flavors such as Salty Caramel, Chocolate Chip Cheesecake, and Fresh Banana Cookies n’ Cream. Sprinkle on some toppings, or don’t because it will still be amazing, and eat up! J.P. Licks has expanded to multiple locations including Davis Square, Mission Hill, Charles Street, Coolidge Corner, Newton Centre, Wellesley Square, Assembly Row Somerville, Legacy Place Dedham, Harvard Square, Boylston Street, Marketstreet Lynnfield, and West Roxbury. This classic Boston treat is one surely not to miss.
  • Toscanini’s, Cambridge: Founded in September of 1981, this 27 year strong business is widely famous for its impeccable ice cream selections. They have been awarded Boston Magazine’s Best Ice Cream Award continually since 2012, exposing more and more customers to their exquisite and unique flavor profiles. Really anything ordered here will be a good choice, from their Belgian Chocolate and Brown Sugar Bourbon to Rum Raisin and Banana Foster. A trip to this Central Square, Cambridge shop is definitely worth seeing what all the well earned fuss is about.
  • Christina’s, Cambridge: Located in the heart of Inman Square, Christina’s has been recognized for their exotic ice cream by Boston Magazine, The Boston Globe, Phantom Gourmet, Yankee Magazine, The Boston Herald, and more. Since 1983 they have been serving up ice cream selections such as Banana Cinnamon, Butter Almond, Coconut Butterfinger, Bailey’s Irish Cream, and many more. You might also try one of their many sorbets; Apple Cider, Apricot, Ginger Lime, and more. Even though the line may be out the door on a summer evening, customers rave that it is well worth the wait.
  • Amorino Gelato, Back Bay: This brand new Newbury Street location is as close to Europe as you can get in Boston. With only a handful of American locations available thus far, Amorino seeks to make the highest quality gelato as naturally as possible with no artificial colors or flavorings. By using organic and natural products, their success spread quickly and reached beyond their origins. Whether you’re interested in the Hazelnut, Passion Fruit, or Amaretto gelato, their selection of chocolates, milkshakes, waffles, crepes, gelato cake, or even ice cream macaroons (ice cream and sorbets sandwiched between two delicate almond shells), their attention to detail and sublime products are sure to please. If you get a cone, your dessert will come in a can’t-be-beat floral shape! Luxury doesn’t even begin to describe this Newbury Street newcomer; stop by today!
  • Caffe Vittoria, North End: The Caffe Vittoria opened in 1929 as the first Italian caffe in Boston. A favorite to the Italian-American community as well as tourists and visitors, this historic North End shop continues to this day to serve a myriad of pastries, premium coffee, and mouth watering gelato. If you get a cannoli, eclair, or tiramisu, be sure to also enjoy some Cookie Dough, Pistachio, or Cotton Candy gelato! If none of those tickle your fancy, there are plenty more to choose from. And you can’t forget the classic Italian Ice, offered in the summer only. Make your way to Hanover Street for a taste of Italy; literally!
  • Picco, South End: Fennel, mushroom, and parmesan cream or sausage, escarole, and banana peppers pizza are great choices at this iconic Italian restaurant, but they’re also well known for their house-made ice creams and sorbets. While a dish of cinnamon or peanut butter chip ice cream certainly won’t steer you wrong, customers rave about the “Adult” Ice Cream Soda, featuring raspberry Belgian Lambic poured over vanilla ice cream. A stop at this establishment will certainly make your taste buds jump for joy.
  • The Icecreamsmith, Dorchester: Step right into this shop that most customers describe as taken right out of the 1950s. Starting as a way to make money for the then unemployed founder, the Icecreamsmith has served up homemade ice cream since June 1976. Now run by the founder’s daughter and her husband, they continue to offer simple and classic offerings such as Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, and Coffee as well as monthly special flavors like Lemon Custard, Black Raspberry, and Cookie Dough in addition to their low-fat frozen yogurt and dairy-free sorbets. Of course you can always get a sundae or banana split too! Pick from several mixin’s and sauces, or pick out an ice cream cake, ice cream cupcakes, or ice cream pizza. Visit this Dorchester shoppe to get the old-fashioned taste that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant, Newtonville: Even the name of this historic location suggests their commitment to dessert; ice cream comes first! This family owned and operated ice cream parlor and restaurant serves up giant portions of premium ice cream in a setting that is sure to send you back to feeling like you’re at the sock hop! With flavors ranging from Ginger Bread Cookie, Cake Batter, and Moose Tracks to Orange Sherbet, Apple Crisp, and Milky Way, there’s not a customer who isn’t able to find something to enjoy. Their multi-page dessert menu features a smattering of unique and customizable sundaes, toppings, frappes, and more. Looking to purchase for an event? Choose some ice cream cupcakes, made to order cake, or party sundaes. Their largest, The Great Pyramid, features sixty pints of ice cream, twelve quarts of toppings, whipped cream, marshmallow, nuts, and cherries, feeding up to 175 people! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one of a kind restaurant.
  • White Mountain Creamery, Chestnut Hill: Located across the street from Boston College, this local joint offers flavors that are sure to please and hard to find anywhere else. Made in the store daily, each and every flavor is fresh when served. Choose from selections ranging from regulars like Jamaican Rum, Cookie Monster, and Chocolate Mousse to specials like S’mores Crunch, Cappuccino Amaretto, and Kahlua Brownie. They’re more than happy to make you a made to order ice cream cake or serve up some imported Little Village Greek Yogurt and Honey direct from a small Cretan village in the Greek Islands. Take the Green Line to Boston College and stop by for a treat you won’t regret!
  • Bubbling Brook Restaurant, Westwood: This little gem nestled on Rt. 109 in Westwood has been serving up everything from clam strips to burgers and premium sandwiches since 1951. Go for a meal, but certainly don’t skip dessert! Whether you choose Mocha Chip, Frozen Pudding, or Black Raspberry Chip, your mouth will surely sing for joy. They also offer low fat soft serve as well as a selection of sundaes and pies; a la mode if you prefer, and who wouldn’t? So step up to the counter and order away; this is a purchase you’re not soon to regret.
  • Crescent Ridge, Sharon: With the land dating back to the 1800’s, the Parrish Family purchased what is now widely known as the Crescent Ridge Dairy Farm in 1932 and began their legacy. After many years of modernization and success, their ice cream has received national and international accolades for their excellent products. Stop by their Dairy Bar for a cone or cup of Salted Caramel Chocolate Pretzel, Mississippi Mud, English Toffee Crunch, and more. This local gem blends traditional values with today’s best business practices, family owned and operated to this day by 4th and 5th generation Parrish Family members. When so much of our lives are imported, it’s refreshing to have farm fresh, local products available with a taste that can’t be beat.
  • Kimball Farm, Westford: Looking to take a drive? Take a trip out to Kimball Farm in Westford. Still growing its location that was established in 1939, Kimball Farm is arguably one of the most fun and engaging places to get ice cream around. In addition to serving up 50 delicious ice cream flavors made on the premises, visitors can play adventure style mini golf, go for a ride on the bumper boats, hit some balls in the batting cages or driving range, or hit up the arcade. Even if you’re just visiting for a frozen treat, it may take a while to decide which flavor to try! From Caramel Cashew Chip, Chocolate Chocolate Truffle, and Mint Oreo to Peanut Butter Butterfinger, Moo Tracks, and Orange Pineapple, you may have to come back to try more. With additional locations in Lancaster, Carlisle, and Jaffrey, NH, there is no shortage of ice cream and fun to go around. What can easily begin as a drive to get ice cream can easily become a fun day trip, so make sure to leave yourself some time!
  • rancatore's, Newton:  Though they've only been on Walnut Street a little over a year, this small ice cream shop has become an ever increasingly popular fixture. "ranc's", as it is so lovingly referred to, offers ice cream that cannot be rivaled in the area. The establishment's founder is brother to the boss behind Toscanini's, so it's clear to see that a knack for the business runs in the family. The Newtonville location is the third ranc's opened, offering up a variety of creamy flavors ranging from regulars like Hydrox, chocolate chip, and milk chocolate to a plethora of rotating flavors. Visitors can also treat themselves to delicious yogurts, egg creams, frappes, and even a classic black cow. If your heaping portion isn't enough, buy a pint, quart, or gallon to take home. Ice cream cakes are available in store as well as custom made for orders. If our rave reviews don't have you convinced, stop by this shop to taste it for yourself! 

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