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Trending Design: Refresh Your Dining Room

Casual Dining-Coastal Farmhouse

At this time of year, many of us are cleaning and sprucing up our homes in preparation for holiday entertaining. With a little extra effort, this can be the perfect time to add some new flair to your dining room that will wow your guests. Houzz compiled images that were saved the most by users - which appeals to your style?
  • Farmhouse-Inspired Rustic: A style that has come into culture with a vengeance in recent years, the rustic look often resembles that of what one might find in a farmhouse. The key to this look, and in making it modern, comes from a choice of materials. Rustic is best accomplished through the layering of textures such as natural woods, weathered metals such as steel, and textiles like burlap or grasscloth. Warm and organic colors and lighting help bring the room together to create an earthy and welcoming environment.
  • Like House, Like Table: It can be visually entrancing to have furniture in a dining space that mimics the architecture of the space. For example, in this image, this Los Angeles dining room the round ceiling molding is enhanced by the table below mirroring its design. The replication of shape unifies the furniture with the room for a harmonious design before additional elements such as color, texture, and accent pieces are even considered.
  • Dining Room Runway: White dining rooms can be brought to life by adding some focal pieces from choice designers. Who says everything has to come from one store? Work to create layers of pattern, depth in color, and rich textures that compliment the dining space you have to work with. For example, a bright pop of color such as legs of a table might help bring together the metal finish of a light fixture and gently oppose any darker hues found in the room’s chairs.
  • Superfluous Stripes: Utilizing stripes in a room can provide many benefits to the space. Subtle or bold, vertical or horizontal; stripes can add welcomed dimension as well as becoming a statement point in the room. Depending on the type of stripes used, the style can modernize, elongate, heighten, and even mimic texture in a room otherwise plain. Color plays a role in how stripes will work in a dining room, so be careful not to choose anything that will too strongly overwhelm the space.
Shangrila - Marin County, CA
  • Old-fashioned Allure: There is certainly an appeal for working antique items into modern decor. It can help bring nostalgia as well as tasteful glamour to a space. This sort of design will work especially well if you’re trying to highlight a historic aspect of the space’s structure or giving acknowledgement to a home’s history. In this 1958 remodeled California home, the dining room shows off mid-century furniture and a 1970s Venini chandelier. With more modern textures and colors, the room feels alive and bright.
  • White and Wood: Not into bright colors? Bring out natural hues by using wood grains and white in combination. Try using similar shades of wood in the chairs, light fixture, and table legs to create a warm and unified look. Sometimes you don’t need more than a couple tones to bring a room to life and make a standout statement.
  • Dapper Junction: Not everyone has sprawling spaces in which to dine - some dining rooms are mere corners. In order to make the best (and most stylish!) use of a limited space, explore texture and unique touches. Bring a room to life with patterned pillows, a live edge wood top table, and stunning light fixture. Balance functionality without over cluttering to create a welcoming corner ready for guests.
Industrial Comedor
  • Modern Industrial: Normally, homeowners try to avert glances at exposed pipe or factory windows but embracing these industrial features can lead to a stylish and modern space. Decor chosen for an industrial style space should reflect it as such, with use of steel, contemporary patterns, and modular furniture. What otherwise might be a stark palette can be warmed and turn into a place where you’re more than happy to host family and friends.

  • Sea Foam: A peaceful hue, sea foam can be a calming color that works well in a dining space. Should the space have a view of a body of water, sea foam compliments the natural surroundings. Paired with clear pendant lights and a glass tabletop, the room will feel light and fresh. While not everyone will have an ocean view out of their dining room, picking light colors in combination with simple design pieces can allow for an open and inviting space in any home.

  • Take Me to the Beach: You definitely don’t need a beach-side property to incorporate oceanic elements into your decor. Beach homes often reflect a casual chic vibe. Slipcovered chairs and rustic table top will remind you of a sea side escape while the white hues brighten the room and echo the light sandy colors of tropical paradise.

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