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What All Pet Owners Should Know When Buying a Condo

Martika Jenkins and her dog LeiaIf you're a dog owner, like Martika Jenkins, or have any pet that's part of your family, your housing decisions need to take them into account.

What are the things you should consider and questions that you should ask? Dwell360 has got you covered in this video!


Buying a Condo for Pet Owners

Looking at Condos

As you begin your search for a condo make sure you are looking at properties that allow pets. Your buyer’s agent can check if the association allows for pets or if there are any special restrictions. We like to learn about our client’s pets when we start working with them. Knowing their breed, size, and temperament helps us to find a good fit for you and your domestic friends.

Condo Policies

Each condo association has its own rules and regulations relating to pets, which can be found in the association By-laws or their Rules and Regulations.

The association’s pet policy can have many different restrictions, such as:

  • What types of pets are or are not allowed
  • Weight limit restrictions 
  • Restrictions on the breed
  • How many pets are allowed per unit
  • Provisions for noise

There may also be limitations on:

  • What hallways or elevators the pets can enter
  • What interior or exterior common areas they are or are not allowed to use 
  • Standards for refuse removal


The next thing you should consider is the neighborhood that you're going to live in with your pup! We like to encourage our clients to envision where they would walk their dog when looking at places. We're always looking out for the closest dog park and trying to assess if there are many other pet owners in the area or in the building.

Pro Tip! Talk to other pet owners at the local dog park to get a feel for the neighborhood and other dogs.  This is also a great place to get recommendations for other services you might need such as a dog walker or doggy daycare.

The trend lately in the city is many buildings are catering to pet owners.  With the high number of dog owners living in the city, many of the new luxury condominium complexes are including amenities centered around our dogs such as dog spas, dog runs, and even doggy daycare.

Work with a Great Agent

There are a lot of things to consider when buying a condo with a dog or another pet. If you have any questions, reach out to Martika Jenkins, REALTOR® with Dwell360.

We proudly serve all of the greater Boston area and would be happy to help you through the process of finding a happy home for you and your pets!


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