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Announcement for Agents: Career Site from Dwell360

Hello Massachusetts Experienced Agents,
We have launched a careers website for experienced agents looking to explore what our borkerage, Dwell360, has to offer you.  Visit the site and let Ed and I know if you have any questions.
Just a bit of information from the site.
What if selling real estate was just easier?  It might be true that we do not have control over the markets or your clients.  But, we can make working for a real estate brokerage simple, profitable, and fun.  Dwell360 partners with experienced and promising sales professionals with documented history of sales success.  We provide the freedom to grow and break down those hurdles that get in the way of your success.    
Don't change how you work for your broker.  Change how your broker works for you.
You have found success.  But, the real estate industry is quickly changing and Dwell360 is focused on adapting quickly and efficiently.  Our expectations and standards are important to the Dwell360 brand.  We look to lead the industry by having quality agents, quality marketing, advanced technologies, and people who care about your success.  And we still provide all the freedom and independence you need to run your business.
Simply, we give you the tools, motivation, guidelines, and support to succeed in real estate.        
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Dwell360 is a residential real estate firm based in Boston and Newton Massachusetts.  Dwell360 services the cities and suburbs of metro Boston.  We are focused on our customers and our experience in the residential real estate market is extensive.  Search for homes in Massachusetts and then give us a call.